Job Enhancement

The Missouri Linked Deposit Program partners with lenders to provide low-interest loans to create and retain Missouri jobs, encourage new economic development projects, and strengthen communities statewide.


Effective immediately, all borrowers in the Job Enhancement loan program shall commit to create the required jobs in the first year of the linked deposit and to retain those jobs throughout the life of the linked deposit.  For example, if a borrower agrees to create ten jobs, those jobs will need to be created in the first year of the linked deposit and will need to be retained throughout the life of the deposit.  The Treasurer’s Office will continue to annually audit all job creation/retention linked deposits.  Any deposits found to be out of compliance with this requirement may be early matured and the bank will be charged the increased interest rate (market rate) on the deposit for all periods of noncompliance.

The Missouri Linked Deposit Program for Job Enhancement provides low-interest loans to businesses that create high-quality jobs in Missouri.



  • Eligible businesses include new, existing or expanding firms operating in Missouri that employ 10 or more employees on a yearly average, and are able to create at least one permanent full-time job (32 or more hours per week) during the deposit period for each $50,000 borrowed in the Missouri Linked Deposit Program.
  • The same criteria apply for job retention, but companies are also required to provide documentation that establishes “retention.” Examples of situations where loans will be made for job retention include:
    • A plant or company is being sold, and financial assistance is needed for a prospective buyer who wishes to keep the company in Missouri.
    • A plant must renovate, modernize or upgrade its facility to comply with regulatory or other requirements, or else the company must shut the facility down.

Additional Resources

Businesses looking for additional funding should also visit the Missouri Department of Economic Development and explore opportunities with the Missouri Works.

Download a Job Enhancement Loan Application to be completed with your lender.