Beginning Farmer Program

The Beginning Farmer Program helps beginning farmers and part-time farmers who want to farm full-time. The program provides loans for the purchase of agricultural land, farm buildings, new and used farm equipment, livestock, and working capital.



Eligible borrowers must:

  • Be located in Missouri.
  • Have adequate working capital and experience in the type of farming operation for which the loan is sought.
  • Ensure loan will only be used for farming by the borrower or by the borrower's immediate family.
  • Have not owned acreage in excess of 50% of the average size farm in the county they are farming in or own farmland with an appraised value over $450,000, in the previous five years. Average Size Farm in Missouri.
  • Have projected farm income (not including spouse's income) greater than non-farm income.

Download a Beginning Farmer Loan Application to be completed with your lender.