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Facility Borrower Program

The purpose of the Facility Borrowers Program is to allow a development facility or renewal fuel production facility borrower, qualified by the Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority, to apply for a reduced rate loan. Funds may be used to finance new costs or refinance existing debt associated with facilities producing either a good derived from an agricultural commodity or using a process to produce a good derived from an agricultural product.

Facilities producing an energy source derived from a renewable, domestically grown organic compound capable of powering machinery, including an engine or power plant, and any by-product derived from such energy source may also receive funds.



  • Must have MASBDA certificate of qualification.
  • Refinancing cannot exceed 90% of fair market value of facility.
  • Headquartered in Missouri.
  • Must be partnership, corporation or LLC organized in Missouri that maintains operations and transacts business in Missouri.
  • Facility has 12 or more producer members.
  • Facility is organized for profit.
  • Does not currently owe any unpaid, non-protested taxes to the State of Missouri or any political subdivision.
  • Facility has no unresolved environmental compliance issues with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

NOTE: Only applicants who have received a loan guarantee from the Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority's Value-Added Loan Guarantee Program are eligible for this Linked Deposit Program. For more information about this loan guarantee program, please call (573) 751-2129 or visit MASBDA.

Download an Facility Borrower Loan Application to be completed with your lender.