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State Treasurer Vivek Malek remarks on his first 100 days in Office.

Friday, April 28, 2023
Treasurer's name

April 27, 2023

Jefferson City, MO - Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek remarks on his first 100 days in Office.

In review of the hard work done by him and his dedicated staff of public servants, Treasurer Malek said, “It has been an honor to serve as Missouri’s State Treasurer. Since being sworn-in last January, I stayed true to my commitment to the three P’s; Protecting Missourians’ hard-earned tax dollars, providing opportunities for all Missourians, and promoting the Promise of America.

To note a few accomplishments:

  • Unclaimed Property:

The State Treasurer’s office broke records within the first three days of Malek being sworn in, returning $1.7M in unclaimed property. The pace continues as $21.5M has been reclaimed by just over 70K Missourians as of this week.

  • MOScholars:

The MOScholars Educational Savings Account program was created last year. State Treasurer Malek was proud to host students from across Missouri to visit the Missouri Capitol on April 20th. In honor of their successes as the first class of MOScholars, these students were recognized in the House and Senate.

As of today, there have been 1,497 new students who have applied to the program.. 

For 2023, over $26M in MOScholars tax credits were made available. As of this week, nearly $500K has been reserved. Treasurer Malek’s intent is to call upon Missourians to utilize this program.


In the wake of soaring inflation, State Treasurer Malek is dedicated to providing Missouri farmers and small business owners with the opportunity to secure affordable loans. Since State Treasurer Malek was sworn in, the office has overseen 270 linked deposits, 164 of which are new accounts. The State Treasurer’s office has helped distribute over $140M in loans, while 108 farmers and 144 small businesses have participated. 

To recognize the hard work in the days ahead, Treasurer Malek remarked “I am here today because I believed in the principles behind the Promise of America. Hard work, education, and seizing this great country’s unlimited opportunities are the keys to unleashing to promise of America’s future. I will continue to promote this promise, so that others can reach their God-given potential.


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