Unclaimed Property: Missouri's Largest Lost & Found

Unclaimed Property Auction

Location: Drury Plaza Hotel
Cape Girardeau Conference Center
3351 Percy Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Previewing:  Tuesday, September 26, 5-8 p.m.
 Wednesday, September 27, 8-9 a.m.
 Thursday, September 28, 8-9 a.m.
Auction:  Wednesday, September 27
 Thursday, September 28
 Auction begins at 9:00 a.m. each day

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Removed Lots

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Lot 52: Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus Magazine Signed by Edith Ringling 1934
Lot 53: The Timon of Lucian 1896 By JB. Sewall, La Princesse De Cleves 1896 By Mme De La Fayette, Hymni, Homerici 1902 (MCMI) By Augusti Baumeister, Moni der Geissbub 1911 By Johanna Spyri, Dental Surgery By A.W. Barrett
Lot 201: Silver Colored Serving Trays
Lot 224: Sterling Baby Accessories : Spoons (2), Fork , Knife , Comb , Rattle (initials "PJC"), Brush (initials "PJC")
Lot 238: Sterling Set in Wooden Box :Dinner Forks (11), Salad Forks (10), Soup Spoons (9), Butter Knives (11), Spreaders (10), Ladles (2), Cold Meat Fork, Carving Knife, Seafood Fork , Teaspoons (11), Salad Tossers Set, Pie Server
Lot 412: N Scale Locomotive Union Pacific Train and Caboose
Lot 418: Arrowheads
Lot 420: Barnum and Bailey Letter 7/10/1914
Lot 429: Gold Colored Cigar Cutter
Lot 433: Silver Colored Tough Boy Tape Measurer
Lot 442: 1982 World Championship Cardinal Key Chain
Lot 448: Gold Colored Music Box on Key Chain
Lot 478: Signed Stan Musial Stat Card
Lot 480: Hockey Puck and Stand - Puck Signed By Wayne Gretsky
Lot 481: Tickets to 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago (World's Fair)
Lot 482: Native American Beaded Leather Purse
Lot 483: Pair of Reading Glasses on Silver Colored Chain with Clear Stones
Lot 807: Silver Colored with Clear Stone
Lot 1140: Silver Colored with Clear and Blue Stones - Matching Bracelet , Pair Clip-On Earrings
Lot 1573: 14K Wedding Band with Clear Stone (Fused)
Lot 1601: 14K with Green Stone, 14KP with Clear Stones
Lot 1617: 18K White Gold with Blue Stone , 18K with Indian Head Penny 1907
Lot 1621: Platinum with Clear Stones
Lot 1725: Silver Colored Ladies Glycine Wristwatch with Clear Stones
Lot 1786: 14K White Gold Lady Elgin with Clear Stones Wristwatch (21 Jewels)
Lot 1861: 18K Patek Philippe and Co. Pocket Watch with Fob (Fob and Glass Broken)
Lot 2058: Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 8-Piece Set 1970
Lot 2202: Apollo NASA Mission 3-Piece Set: 11, 12 and 13
Lot 2226: Pilgrim Half Dollar 1920
Lot 2227: Roanoke Island Half Dollar 1937
Lot 2318: Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Proof with 1776 Continental Currency Token
Lot 2412: Silver Three-Cent Piece 1867
Lot 2621: Penny Planchets (Off Center Strikes)
Lot 2640: Classic Head Half Cent 1829
Lot 3017: Barber Dimes (11), Seated Liberty Dimes (5), Capped Bust Dime 1832 in Collectors Book
Lot 3349: Capped Bust 1812
Lot 3656: $1.00 Silver Certificates Uncut Bill Set Series 1935 A
Lot 3672: $20.00 National Currency Large Note Series 1814 First National Bank of Montgomery
Lot 3675: 3-Cent Fractional Currency Note 1863
Lot 3833: Classic Head Quarter Eagle 1834 on Gold Colored Chain
Lot 3847: Indian Princess Head $3.00 Coin 1878

Terms and Conditions of the Auction

The Unclaimed Property Auction is being held pursuant to Section 447.558, RSMo that provides for the sale of Unclaimed Property to the highest bidder at public auction.

The buyer will receive title to the property purchased, free from all claims of the owner, prior holder or their successors.

Listed below please find information relating to items and the terms of the sale. Please read this information carefully for your own protection, as it will be strictly adhered to.

Thank you for your attendance and interest in Unclaimed Property.


Condition of items

  1. Items are to be sold by lot number and no items may be removed or separated from packets.
  2. Contents of the safe deposit boxes shall be sold “as is, where is.” The Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, and the auctioneer make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the condition of the article offered for sale. There is no guarantee for any dates, markings, item counts, or authenticity of any item.
  3. All descriptions of items are for informational purposes only and the Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, and the auctioneer do not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.
  4. Announcements on the day of the auction take precedence over any and all previous written or oral announcements. Buyers should be made aware that due to claims forwarded to the State Treasurer's Office, some items included in the catalog might be removed from lots prior to the sale date. Such omissions will be announced when an affected lot is presented for sale.
  5. The Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, and auctioneer reserve the right to reject any and all bids pursuant to Section 447.558 RSMo. However, it is not the intent of the Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, or auctioneer to purposely reject bids.

Sale Terms

  1. All potential bidders are to register with the cashier and obtain a bidder number in order to bid on any item(s). To obtain a bidder number, the bidder must register with a full name, address and current photo identification such as a valid driver’s license.
  2. The bidder should clearly exhibit his/her bidder number to the clerk and auctioneer after each purchase to avoid bidder-recording errors.
  3. Sales tax will be added to the purchase price of all taxable items. Tax exempt documentation must be presented the day of the auction to avoid sales tax.
  4. Upon award of the bid, all risk of loss, damage or destruction of purchased items passes to the buyer and the Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, and the auctioneer shall not have any liability whatsoever for damage or destruction of any lots. Buyers shall make his/her own arrangements for insurance coverage of all items.

Payment Terms (Methods of Payment)

  1. Bidders can pay for and pick up items purchased following the sale of each item or at the end of the sale day. All items sold must be claimed and paid for by the end of the sale day or they may be sold at a later date.
  2. No items are to be removed from the premises before settlement or payment of the item.
  3. The State Treasurer's Office shall only accept payment made in the form of cash or cashier’s checks. Personal checks or company checks will be accepted only if accompanied by an irrevocable bank letter of credit addressed to the Missouri State Treasurer's Office. No exceptions will be made.
  4. The State Treasurer's Office will be accepting American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. There will be a fee for the use of credit cards of 2.00% plus a $0.25 charge for all transaction amounts. *These rates are subject to change.

Arrangements for Persons with Disabilities

If you require special accommodations or assistance, please let us know in advance by contacting the State Treasurer's  Office at 573-751-0123 or ucp@treasurer.mo.gov.


Miscellaneous Terms

  1. Persons in attendance during the auction and removing goods after purchasing assume all risks of damage or loss to personal property and specifically release the auctioneer and the State of Missouri for any liability.
  2. The Missouri State Treasurer, the State of Missouri, and the auctioneer are not liable by reason of any defect or condition of the premises on which the auction is held.
  3. Bidders are reminded that registration is required the day of the auction to obtain a bidder number necessary to bid and/or purchase any items available in the sale.
  4. The auctioneer may choose to group several lots together to expedite the sale.


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