Past Treasurers
  Samuel Hays

11th State Treasurer: 1871-1873

Samuel Hays

Samuel Hays (Republican), the 11th State Treasurer, was born in Philadelphia. At the close of the Civil War he engaged in the pharmacy business in Memphis, and in the late 1860s moved to St. Joseph, Mo.

He became prominent in Republican politics and in 1870 was elected state treasurer, serving two years at an annual salary of $3,000. He was allowed $1,500 in contingent expenses annually, and was also appropriated $2,100 for a safe and a new door to the office vault.

Following his tenure in office, he moved to St. Louis and, in 1878, President Hayes appointed him postmaster there. He served until 1884, and was, for a short time, president of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, and then the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. It was said he was "one of the most widely known men in St. Louis." In 1885, he moved to New York City, and worked for several years in the Immigration Bureau.

He was married and had three children. Mr. Hays died in Upper Montclair Heights, N.J., on Oct. 8, 1897.