Past Treasurers
  Milton Carpenter

36th State Treasurer: 1961-1965

Milton Carpenters

Milton Carpenter (Democrat), the 36th State Treasurer, was born in St. Louis on March 4, 1905. He attended Baden Public School, Yeatman High School and Washington University in St. Louis.

Mr. Carpenter served three years in the Army in World War II, and was honorably discharged in July 1945. Prior to military service he was in the construction business as an executive of the Trinidad Asphalt Manufacturing Company and the United Roofing Company. Upon discharge from the armed services he became district manager and assistant treasurer of the Patent Scaffolding Company.

He was elected comptroller of the City of St. Louis in 1949, and was re-elected in 1953. On Jan. 15, 1957, he accepted the appointment by Governor James T. Blair Jr. to become Director of the Department of Revenue.

Mr. Carpenter was elected state treasurer in November 1960. His salary was $15,000 and his office employed a staff of 25. Through his capable administrative ability and extensive use of modern mechanized equipment, it was possible to absorb an increased workload of about 25 percent without increasing the staff. He was a member of the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans, and was awarded Man of the Year by the Jewish War Veterans in 1961.

In 1942, he married Janet Naomi Parham, also of St. Louis. Mr. Carpenter died Nov. 19, 1996.