Fund Activity Reports

The Missouri State Treasurer is the custodian of all funds placed in the State Treasury, and invests the monies in the State Treasury on behalf of the state. Below you will find links to see the monthly fund activity report, as well as descriptions of each fund. You may also click on the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact his office directly.

Please note: While the State Treasurer invests all state funds, the Legislature, with approval of the Governor, is in charge of all spending decisions for the state.

Disclaimer on Fund Descriptions: This list is updated annually for the purpose of adding new funds. Therefore, information about a fund may be inaccurate if changes were made after the fund’s original creation. Existing funds are updated only when changes are brought to the attention of the office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monthly Fund Reports

You may contact the Missouri State Treasurer via email or by calling (573) 751-2411 should you have any questions.