Save for College

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel is committed to making higher education more affordable in Missouri, including two- and four-year colleges, trade and technical schools. As part of that commitment, Treasurer Zweifel sponsors MOST—Missouri’s 529 College Savings Program. Additionally, Treasurer Zweifel continues to work to provide access to scholarships through the program, along with higher education savings resources.

MOST–Missouri's 529 College Savings Plan


MOST–Missouri's 529 College Savings Plan

Learn more about MOST 529, scholarship opportunities and start saving today. MOST 529.


MOST 529 Scholarships

Several public universities have created scholarships to reward those who have invested in their futures through the MOST 529 Plan. MOST 529 Scholarships


Higher Education Savings Tools

Treasurer Zweifel partners with Upromise Investments and Vanguard to provide savings tools to help you and your family make smart decisions when planning for higher education. Higher Ed Savings Tools


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to questions you may have about the MOST 529 Plan. FAQ about MOST 529


Missouri Higher Education Savings Program

The MOST 529 Plan is overseen by the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program Board. Treasurer Zweifel serves as chair of the board.