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Reporting Unclaimed Property

It is rare for any organization NOT to have Unclaimed Property because Unclaimed Property results from normal business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of FAQs to assist your organization in determining whether and how it should report and remit Unclaimed Property.

Where do I find Unclaimed Property?

The following are some general areas where Unclaimed Property may be found:

  • Stale outstanding checks - checks written represent an attempt to pay a valid obligation. If a check does not clear the bank, the underlying liability is Unclaimed Property if it cannot be restored to the payee.
  • Liabilities written off to an income or other account - if valid obligations have been written off to an income or expense account in the past, they must be reinstated and reported as Unclaimed Property.
  • Other stale liabilities in the general ledger - these are recorded obligations for which no check was issued. Examples are customer deposits or overpayments, accounts receivable overpayments, unidentified receipts or dividends payable.
  • Securities and related property held by agents - many shareholders fail to cash dividend checks. Also, there are unexchanged/undelivered shares that occur from splits and mergers.
What must happen before I report the Unclaimed Property to Treasurer Clint Zweifel's office?

If the owner is due $50 or more, an attempt to locate the owner, known as due diligence, must be performed before remitting the property. A letter detailing the amount due the owner and requesting a positive confirmation from the owner should be sent to the owner's last known address or new address if one is available. Other reasonable means of contact can be used in place of the letter.

Are there minimum amounts that do not need to be reported?

No. Treasurer Zweifel's Unclaimed Property Division does not have the authority to establish any minimum amounts. There is nothing too small that does not require reporting. However, amounts due an owner that total less than $50 for the owner may be reported in aggregate. That is, the amounts due owners that are less than $50 may be summed and reported as one aggregate for that property type. Since our goal is to return the property to the rightful owner, if detail is available, we encourage you to report it. The holder should retain owner detail for at least five years after the dormancy period.

Who must report abandoned property?

Any entity doing business in the state of Missouri or doing business with individuals in the state of Missouri must report abandoned property. This includes, but is not limited to, banks, credit unions, utility companies, wholesalers, retailers, manufactures, governmental entities, insurance companies, public corporations, public authorities and estates and trusts.

What are the dormancy periods for Unclaimed Property?

The dormancy period is 5 years for all types of property except the following:

  • Court bonds – 1 year
  • Demutualization, rehabilitation and reorganizations of insurance companies – 2 years
  • Dissolution or liquidation of business – 2 years
  • State agencies, political subdivisions and government entities – 3 years
  • Money orders – 7 years
  • Travelers checks – 15 years
How long should records relating to Unclaimed Property be kept?

Per RSMo 447.539.9, records containing owner-level detail should be kept for a period of not less than five years subsequent to reporting the property to the state. For property with a seven-year dormancy period, detail records should be kept at least 12 years.

What if I don't have detailed records documenting to whom the property belongs?

When owner-level detail is not available for the Unclaimed Property, report the amounts as "owner unknown."

What if I don't have records documenting abandoned property?

If records have not been kept relating to Unclaimed Property, then the abandoned property amount to report must be estimated using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Please contact Treasurer Zweifel's Unclaimed Property Division for assistance on calculating the abandoned property amount when records do not exist.

When do I report abandoned property?

Reporting dates are:
         November 1, using a June 30 cutoff – all holders except life insurance companies
         May 1, using a December 31 cutoff – life insurance companies only

How do I submit security transfers?

Shares of stock may be delivered to the state in certificate form or by electronic transfer. Please do not transfer shares into book entry or dividend reinvestment program accounts. Some mutual fund shares may be eligible for electronic transfer. Otherwise, please use the information listed in item 3 to transfer shares into an account you have set up in the name of Treasurer Zweifel.

  1. Fax pre-notification of electronic transfers to our custodian:
             Central Bank Investments
             Attn: Ginni Weavers
             Fax: (573) 634-1359
             (Include: issue name, number of shares, date of transfer, contact name, contact phone number)
  2. For transfer details, please email us.
  3. Register physical securities, including mutual fund shares, as follows:
             Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel
             Unclaimed Property
             P.O. Box 1272
             Jefferson City, MO 65102-1272
             FEIN: 43-1645862
How can I get an Unclaimed Property Report Form?

The Missouri Unclaimed Property Report form is available for download here. You may also request a form by contacting Treasurer Zweifel’s Unclaimed Property Division.

If you've previously reported Unclaimed Property to Missouri, you may already be on the annual mailing list. Those on the mailing list will automatically receive a reminder postcard in the early fall. Life insurance companies on the list will receive a reminder postcard in the early spring.

Alternatively, holders may choose to design their own report containing all of the required information (subject to approval by Treasurer Zweifel’s Unclaimed Property Division). Holders may also choose to report via diskette. Holders may download Missouri’s Holder Reporting System (HRS) program or obtain the nationally accepted NAUPA format from the Wagers and Associates, Inc. website.

Where do I submit a completed Unclaimed Property Report?

To submit via mail:
         Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel
         Unclaimed Property
         P.O. Box 1272
         Jefferson City, MO 65102-1272

Physical mailing address (for sending items overnight):
         Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel
         Unclaimed Property
         301 W. High St., Rm. 157
         Jefferson City, MO 65101

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